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Proven Technology

3DMultiple-SourceDigitome three-dimensional x-ray imaging technology has been applied for decades, primarily in government, defense, and aerospace applications. There are five current patents, one of which is Japanese.

There is a substantial archive of successful exams involving a wide range of materials and objects. Usually, a test exam is feasible depending on the radiography required. Any penetrating radiation can be applied in a Digitome exam—e.g., neutron and gamma—as long as the requisite pre-work is accomplished for the exam environment, including specification of a digital detector adequate for the radiation exposure.

Acquiring a System

The VXI-4X system is affordable—at less than $90,000—and offers fast, dimensionally accurate, and complete volumetric image data in a flexible configurations, including cabinet, vault, and portable units.

Portable configuration allows exams in museum spaces. With proper radiation safety procedures and a portable x-ray source, an exam out in the museum gallery space is feasible—no need to move objects.

Onsite Exam & Consulting Services

Example of a vault application of Digitome system

VXI-4X system used in a vault application

We offer onsite exam services on a contract basis. A site survey and requirements document are completed prior to the purchase of a system and services. Definition tasks are required to ensure that expectations can be met.

Consulting on exam techniques for specific exam situations are available.

Training & Support

Training and support is available by phone and remote internet access and at customer site depending on schedule availability, or at the Davidson Lab on the Digitome cabinet system.

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