Smithsonian: Davidson College and the 3D X-ray Digitome Technology

Davidson College, a four-year liberal arts college located in Davidson, NC, is using a flexible and portable technology from Digitome Corporation for taking three-dimensional x-radiographic examinations of various archaeological objects. The Digitome software constructs a volumetric display of an imaged object using multiple images of the object from different perspectives. Typically, a 3D exam is constructed from around eight images of the object.

This technology has potential applications in art and object conservation, archaeology, and other fields requiring non-destructive testing. Over the summer of 2014, Dr. Dan Boye (Professor of Physics, Davidson College) and I, (Ryan Kozlowski, Davidson College class of 2016) applied the Digitome technology to archaeological artifacts from the Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR), the flagship of infamous Blackbeard the Pirate. This research was funded by the Davidson Research Initiative.  The QAR Conservation Laboratory, located in Greenville, NC, is a part of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (NCDCR).

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