What are the computer hardware requirements to operate the Digitome system?

Category: Digitome

The typical exam of an object will require 8, 16, or 32 images from different perspectives. In terms of memory storage, this is only on the order of hundreds of megabytes at most. No large image database will be formed, as all planes viewed in the volumetric display are created in near-real time. Any plane image or scan set of images may be saved at the user’s discretion. Therefore a conventional laptop or desktop computer with the Windows OS is capable of handling the load of the software.

Images may be acquired in one of two ways: 1) images of a variety of formats may be imported and examined, but the user will need to provide the metadata for the context of each image in the set; 2) images are acquired with the Digitome software with the correct driver. There needs to be some means of taking multiple images of an object from different perspectives, be it a turntable for the object or a moveable source.